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Mariela can be interviewed about a series of topics. Listed here you will find a selection of the most popular ones. If you have something else in mind, please contact her to share your ideas.

  • Tapping into traditions and heritage to gain advantage in the American market.
    Latinos have certain cultural characteristics that if recognized and understood can be used to create success in America. But these same characteristics can be a shortcoming if not understood. Mariela discusses what these traits are and offers specific ways on how to hone and manage them to Latinos’ advantage.     

  • Understanding the rules and codes of the American market in order to succeed.
    Latinos are not familiar with many rules and codes (both written and unspoken) that are specific to the American market. This limits their ability to grow. With specific examples, and pointers on what to watch out for and where to get information, Mariela makes the audience aware and better prepared.

  • Job search and career advancement.
    The job search and career advancement processes are quite different in the U.S. and in Latin America. People who grew up in Latin America or were raised by Latino parents may not have (or know about) all the necessary tools they need to succeed.  Mariela talks about a wide range of issues that are addressed in her book How to Get a Job in the U.S.

    • Best places to look for a job.
    • Best ways to use the Internet.
    • Best careers for bilingual candidates.
    • Secrets of networking for career success.
    • Great resources for job searching.
    • Keys to writing a winning resume for the U.S. market.
    • Preparing yourself to ace the interview.
  • Education and helping our children adapt
    The education system in the US is a mystery for many parents born here; imagine how baffling it is for those who were not!  Parents who don’t understand how the system works and what role they should play will not be able to offer their children the best education.  Mariela talks about a wide range of issues that she addresses in her book Help your Children Succeed in School, Special Guide for Latino Parents:

    • Dealing with the American school system: how to choose the best school for your children, registration procedures, getting academic support, finding out what your children are entitled to, the importance of tests, communicating with teachers and principals, and other practical matters.
    • Learning the rights and responsibilities of parents in the American school system.
    • Leaving your fears behind: becoming involved in your children’s education.
    • Preparing your children to be ready to learn: things you can do at home before children start school.
    • Helping your children develop habits that reinforce learning.
    • Understanding the importance of social interaction to foster your children’s adaptation to the U.S