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In Poder de Mujer, Mariela shows us that success is more a journey than a destination and that it’s in this journey that we will find the biggest personal satisfaction. Based on her own experience, in the experience of dozens of successful women, and current research, Mariela offers practical advice that helps women reach their maximum potential. Through these pages, readers learn to identify old messages they received (consciously and subconsciously) early on in life that might still be interfering with their career growth. By identifying these messages women can choose to let them go and find new one that are better aligned with their own dreams and goals.

About the Red Shoe Movement

If you are ready to prove that women can help other women become powerful, join Mariela Dabbah and the Red Shoe Movement! Wear your red shoes to work on Tuesdays to signal your support for other women's career goals. Men can wear Red Ties to show support!

About Mariela

A powerful and inspiring speaker with a keen understanding of what Hispanics need to succeed in an organization, Mariela has presented at some of the largest companies, i.e.: GE, Exxon/Mobil, McDonald’s, Procter and Gamble, HBO, Kroger, and Verizon, and at some of the most prestigious universities, i.e.: Harvard, Yale, Princeton and Columbia. Able to connect with a wide diversity of audiences, she has developed and tailored leadership programs for students, employees, women and executives.

Founder of Latinos in College, a not-for-profit organization whose goal is to help students and families find every resource available to succeed in higher education, Mariela has been one of the most visible education experts on the media. Her parent workshops in schools across the country have empowered thousands of families to support their children through college.

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